Friday, March 27


Hallo, I'm Sae INUKAI.
I'm having Exhibition 'Habit(at)' from 10-20th April at Old Museum of Photography (Witte de Withstraat 63, Rotterdam HOLLAND).

There are three art works from me in this Exhibition.

1. One is a film 'creating perception'. It is about 5 min.

2. Second one is my self 'Sae INUKAI'. I inhabit the Museum during this Exhibition. This is a random performance. So this the performance that everyday different and anyone can join it.

3. Last one is a thing that I'm having with me during in this Exhibition.

*Please ask to inhabiting me if you want to see the film(1) and a thing(3). 

This blog is for reporting about my inhabiting in the Museum everyday.
  • Habitat: Witte de Withstraat 63, Rotterdam HOLLAND
  • Habit purpose: think about what is "show place" (Gallery, Museum etc...)
  • Habit custom: make a report on this blog every day, take photographs
  • Possibility at habit: talk with someone, make new friends, learn English and Dutch, teach Japanese, eat and drink, discuss, make art work, performance, outhabit and lecture etc...

Sunday, April 27

report 09

The seventh day,
A lot of dancer visit me. And they danced about 2 hour....!!

Friday, April 25

report 08

The sixth day,
I'm talking a lot of people. And my room has always someone.
But I could feel lonely with this situation. This is funny.

Bod gave me dinner and ginger-ale. He buy a ginger-ale everyday for me. I love it. However if I drink every day it going to be not favorite anymore...
I missed someone, I was watching the road.

report 07

The fifth day,
French artists and their friends went to home. But artists will be back on next day or Saturday.
I made Sushi especially for Caroline and Walter with Sumire.
Sumire helped me for make Sushi. However she also had to help me. Because Walter helped her moving house by his car. So this Sushi party were kind of appreciation. But at beginning, Sumire said she can't help me. So I was really surprised. Because alone Sushi making a bit hard. And this is also she have to do thing. So I complained her. Then she got angry. So I surprised again...

I was already really in shock by these days. So I was too sad when she was angry at me.
The reason why she was angry is about the film that French artists was watching in my room(museum) till 5am by my projector. I said OK to French artists that they could use my projector. So I and Sumire was sleeping in same room. It was a bit longer film what I didn't imagine. But I didn't mind. But Sumire was really amazed at me. Because I didn't care about Sumire.
So I said to her. I can't know what you felt at that moment. Because the day was big fighting day. And I thought she should say by her self what she thought about it. But she helped me a lot. make and bring dinner for me... talk a lot with me......
She was really busy by her assignments staff. However she came to the museum for help me make Sushi. We were a bit strange relationship when making Sushi because the fighting. But we felt we stepped next a place for friend relationship.

It was hard, but Sumire is my warm friend for forever.
The situation for now will change in future of course. So now is precious time with Sumire. She goes back to Japan in almost one year...